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The Internet is global. This means that the networks which we are currently using, regardless of who invented it, belongs to all mankind. This “global” is not an inane political slogan, but has its technical assurance. The structure is based on the Internet “packet switching” way to connect the distributed network. Therefore, on the technical level, there is absolutely no central control in the Internet. In other words, a country or a certain interest group can’t control the Internet by technological means. In turn, the Internet can’t be limited within a country – unless the network is not the Internet.

Internet Impact to

However, at the same time, such a global network, there must be some way to identify each of them linked into the host. On the Internet, there’s no phenomenon that two people have the same name. Thus, we must have a fixed organization to determine the name for each host, which determines the “address” of the host on the Internet. However, this is merely “naming rights”, this is not the control power. The organization is only responsible for naming host, can’t do more things.

Similarly, the global network needs a protocol that is complied with all hosts, otherwise it’s impossible to establish the Internet that is common to all computers and all operating systems. Next generation of TCP/IP will classify the level of the information on the Internet, in order to accelerate the transmission speed, this is an example of the organization’s service. Again, this doesn’t mean the control of power.

There is no doubt that all these technical features of the Internet can explain the management of Internet is totally relevant to “service” not “control”. to

In fact, the current Internet is not the “information superhighway” which is often mentioned by people. This is not only because the current transmission speed is not enough, more importantly, the Internet has not yet finalized, it has been developing and changing. Therefore, any technical definition of the Internet can only be present.

Meanwhile, with to more and more use of the Internet by people, there will be more understanding on the value of the Internet. to


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