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The role of routers The role of routers

One role of the router is to connect different network, and another role is to select the information transmission lines. The choice on a smooth and fast line, can greatly increase the communication speed and reduce network traffic load and save, also can improve the flow rate of network systems, then enable the network systems to play greater benefit.

From the point of view on filtering network traffic, the role of routers, switches and bridges are very similar. But the routers use specialized software protocol to divide the entire network, that is different with the switches which divide the network on physical layer. For example, a router that supports IP protocols can divide the network into many subnets, only point to specific IP addresses of network traffic can pass the router. For each received packet, the router will re-calculate the checksum value, and write the new physical address. Therefore, the transmission speed of the routers is slower than the switches which are only checking the physical address of data packets.

But, for those complicated networks, the use of the routers can increase the overall efficiency of the network. Another advantage of the router is to filter the broadcast automatically. Generally speaking, the entire process of adding a router in the network is more complicated than adding a switch.

In general, the connection between different networks and multiple subnets should use the routers. The main job of routers is to find a best path for every data frame which pass the routers, and transfer the data to destination site effectively. Thus, routing algorithm is keys to the routers. To accomplish this, many data is stored in the routers which is also called routing table. Routing table holds a sign of subnet information, the routers numbers and the name of the next router and so on. Routing table can be fixed by the system administrator, can be modified by the system, can be adjusted automatically by the router, and also can be controlled by the host.


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