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What is A Router

What is routing and It is an action that transfers information from the source to the target via connected networks In general, in the action, the information should pass at least one or more intermediate nodes. Routing and switching are often compared by people, mainly because in the eyes of average users, they have almost the same function. In fact, the main difference between routing and switching is the action layer, the switching comes up in the second layer of OSI reference model which is also called data link layer, and the routing comes up in the third layer which is called network layer. This difference determines the routing and switching process in the mobile information needs of different control information, so the two ways to achieve their function is different.

As early as 40 years ago, there have been discussions on routing technology, but until the 80′s routing technology gradually into commercial applications. The reason why the advent of the beginning of the routing technology is not widely used mainly because the network structure before 80 years are very simple, routing technology was useless in that time. Until the past decade, large-scale Internet has gradually become popular, which provide a good foundation and platform for the routing technology.

Router is the main node device in Internet. Router forwards data through the routing decision. Forwarding strategy is called routing, which is the origin of the name of the router (router, forwarder). As a hub between different networks, the router system constitutes a main context of Internet which is based on TCP/IP, and it also can be said, routers constitute the framework of Internet. Its processing speed is one of the main bottlenecks of network traffic, its reliability directly affects the quality of network interconnection. Therefore, in the campus networks, regional networks, and the whole research field of Internet, router technology has always been at the core, its development process and direction, has became a microcosm of Internet research.


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